Super Mario 64

Mario powers up

Mario pays a visit to Princess Peach only to find the castle taken over by Bowser! Enter magical worlds through the castle’s paintings to collect Power Stars and save the day.

Experience Mario’s first foray into 3D platforming in the Super Mario 64 game, originally released in 1996. Wall jump, backflip, and even fly as you explore paintings and collect Power Stars to save Princess Peach!

Super Mario 64 upgrades include:

  • Updated Joy-Con™ controls—including rumble!

  • Improved picture resolution

  • Browsable soundtrack

Cool Caps

In Super Mario 64, some blocks contain special caps that Mario can wear to gain different powers.

  • Wing Cap

    Transform into Wing Mario and triple-jump or get fired out of a cannon to fly though the air.

  • Vanish Cap

    Vanish Mario can become invisible and walk through walls, hazards, or even enemies without taking damage.

  • Metal Cap

    Metal Mario can ram into foes to defeat them, and his heavy body will sink in the water.

Super Mario 64 Fabulous Firsts

Super Mario 64 was not only the first 3D platform action game in the series, but also helped launch the Nintendo 64™ system. Here are some other cool things that debuted in Super Mario 64!

  • First 3D modeling of many familiar faces like Yoshi, Toad, and Princess Peach

  • Maneuvers like the triple jump and wall kick

  • King-sized foes like Big Bob-Omb and Big Goomba

  • First game to include Mario’s voice—mama mia!


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